Modern Bodybuilding Supplementation Issues

Since time immemorial, people have depended on different blends to gain greater strength and stamina. The Ancient Greeks favored wine and meats. Eastern civilizations have developed countless herbal potions. Beef extracts, protein powers, and other food-based supplements have since been marketed for modern consumers. More advanced options are being created every year as the science uncovers new ways to boost recovery and performance. The demand is increasing and companies are eager to cash in. However, a number of problems have also come up because of their proliferation. These are serious and have to be kept in mind when shopping for supplements.

Health Concerns

Among the most worrying issues are the health concerns raised by users of some products. A few have been found to contain dangerous substances that may cause illness, especially when consumed for a prolonged period. Liver damage is particularly common as the organ acts as a filter for unwanted chemicals inside the body. It takes the hit to save use from a worse fate. The problem is that it, too, has its limitations and too much toxicity can trigger massive damage. In some cases, people have had to undergo liver transplant to keep functioning. Steroid pills are also known to produce androgenic side effects that change the body in ways that are inconsistent with the gender of the user – Dbol for sale review.


It has also been discovered that many of the supplements being sold on the market are actually ineffective. They do not produce the results that are expected of them. There are many claims but very few evidence to provide support. Studies are inconclusive regarding the benefits of many of the miracle ingredients that are so popular today. Before buying any product, be sure to read the latest scientific research from respected non-commercial sources.

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Misleading Labels

Another big problem in this industry is the improper labelling of the products for sale. Companies will often have fantastic claims printed on the labels to attract buyers. A study estimates that about 90% of these are bogus. They are mostly derived from marketing speak and are substantially different from what is accepted as fact in the scientific community. They may even state the presence of certain ingredients when these are absent from the products being sold. Toxic chemicals have been found in alarming quantities like lead and mercury. Others have steroids although these aren’t listed. Be sure to stick to trusted brands to avoid these dangers.